• Is Trulink the Future of Hearing Aids?

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by in iPhone Apps


    Recent technology has produced smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, and even smarter consumers. The emergence of Google glass has brought wearing glasses into fashion for the first time ever. Is it possible that a new partnership between Starkey and Apple will have all the cool kids scrambling for a hearing aid? The hearing aids produced for this generation are so small and advanced that there are some you can barely see, and some that you can take under water. Binaural hearing aids use the tiniest radio systems to communicate information between your right and left ears to balance sound, and using direct accessories it has become easier to hear television shows, and telephone calls. What if I told you that in the (not so distant) future we will also have smart hearing aids? These devices will link directly to an app on our iPhones, iPads or iPods that can stream videos, music and phone calls directly to our ears. We are no longer talking about the hearing aids that you remember your grandfather wearing; in fact, today’s grandfathers (and people of all ages) are tech savvy, and they are looking for more ways to streamline the process.

    Starkey has developed a product that can do exactly that, and the future of hearing aids is nearly upon us! This month the company released information about a hearing aid that revolutionizes the possibilities for communication with the hearing impaired community. Using Halo technology and an app called TruLink you can connect your hearing aid to any IOS platform, making it simple to make Facetime calls, use Siri, and listen to all of your favorite music. All of this, paired with Halo’s best in class performance features come together to provide a seamless link between your hearing aid and your iPhone. The Halo Device connects easily to the TruLink app that is actually free and simple to download from the app store. Using that app, your hearing aid connects to your phone, iPad or iPod using Bluetooth wireless technology. With the swipe of your finger, you can listen wirelessly to your podcasts, video chat with friends, or make a phone call with virtually no interference.

    On March 31st of 2014 this technology will be available to the public for the very first time. Visit your audiologist’s office to find out more about how you can achieve this seamless connection with pristine sound quality, and eliminate the background buzzing and whistling from your phone calls, music, podcasts and videos. With all of these possibilities, it’s hard to imagine what’s coming next. Stay tuned to Brooklyn Audiology for more information about cutting edge advancements in our hearing devices. We are excited to be a part of this technologically evolving field by keeping our customers informed.